Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Tavistock Square Gardens

When you next find yourself walking between Fitzrovia and St Pancras, or perhaps on your way to The Wellcome Collection on Euston Road, take a minute from your day and head into the delightful Tavistock Square Gardens on Tavistock Square.
The gardens are a calm little patch of green in the middle of the frantic, hare-paced city and provide a welcome leafy spot to sit and think.
Exceedingly charming and extremely restful, the gardens also play host to the friendliest, most confident squirrels I've encountered so far in London (which is actually a bold statement). These little furry fellas will actually climb your leg if you let them!
The space has been unofficially regarded as a "peace garden" due to its resident monuments; a stone commemorating "conscientious objectors all over the world and in every age", a cherry tree in memory of the victims of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings and a centre piece featuring Mahatma Gandhi. There are also trees and benches all over the gardens dedicated to different causes and people which will make you smile, for example "the friendship tree" or "a Canadian who loved living in London", very sweet.
Next time you are in the area take a minute out of your busy schedule to relax in this lovely little scrap of greenery, you'll certainly thank me for it.