Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Novelty Automation

If you're looking to spend a querky few minutes in central London then make sure you check out Novelty Automation just around the corner from Holborn Station.
This tiny arcade is packed full of ingeniously home-crafted, coin operated machines which will delight and disturb!
The machines have been mostly built by English artist and engineer Tim Hunkin, who is best known as the creator of Channel Four's The Secret Life of Machines.
Hunkin's machines are imaginative and darkly humorous; there are such gems as two player bicycle-powered pong, Autofrisk and Pet or Meat in which the fate of a cuddly little lamb is decided.
Any description can't really do this concept justice so make sure you get along and find out for yourself. Do only set aside around 30 mins tops for this attraction as it's one small room with 17 machines to check out.
The machines run on tokens which cost £1 each, the price for each machine is about 2 tokens.