Thursday, 21 April 2016

Spitalfields City Farm

I absolutely love this place! Since moving to East London in summer 2015 we have probably spent a disproportionate number of afternoons at this little oasis of tranquility! 
Spitalfields City Farm boasts an array of barnyard animals, our personal favourites being Watson and Holmes a pair of kunekunes ( a type of pig from New Zealand - the kind that can be glimpsed at Laketown in the Hobbit movies!). 
You would never imagine to find such a beautiful little farm, complete with farm shop selling fresh produce, just striding distance from Brick Lane! There's something deeply satisfying and truly bizarre about seeing wooly, bleating critters nonchalantly doing their thing to the backdrop of the city's iconic highrise towers! See below.

Other animals to observe and fuss over include sheep, cows, rabbits, guinea pigs and apparently ferrets although we've never sighted the snoozey little fellas! 
The staff are friendly, the atmosphere super relaxed and they offer great food as well! I'd recommend their hearty tomato, ginger and coconut soup served with bread and butter. The coffees not too shabby either.
The peace and quiet are periodically shattered to make way for all sorts of fun-day events happening throughout the year, such as the hugely popular Goat Race which is held to coincide with the Oxford - Cambridge boat race! Check out their events page for details!
The Spitalfields City Farm has so much going for it, if you have a spare afternoon east of the city be sure to drop in - it's free to visit and open everyday apart from Monday when the animals have a day off!

All opinions are my own.