Monday, 14 March 2016

Matt Leblanc Skuds Around Town for Top Gear Shoot & Causes Outrage!

Pic: Londinium Now

Former Friends star Matt Leblanc, and stunt driver Ken Block, tore it up around Westminster yesterday for a Top Gear shoot featuring Block's Hoonicorn car, a "batsh*t retro-modern all-wheel drive Gymkhana seven ford mustang", leading to a public outcry! Some claim it was disrespectful to WWI and II dead that the new host should be seen to performing wheel spins next to The Cenotaph!


What is the Cenotaph?


The Cenotaph was originally erected as a temporary structure for a peace parade following WWI but eventually became the UK's primary national war memorial. It is situtated on Whitehall in London and is the site of the annual Remembrance Sunday service, held on the closest Sunday to 11 November each year, a ceremony which commemorates the contribution of British and Commwealth service people made during the two world wars.

 Pic: Wikipedia


What now?


After viewing images of the day's events in the national papers today fellow Top Gear Host Chris Evans has "unreservedly" apologised on BBC Radio 2 for what the images "seem to portray" which he has described as "entirely disrespectful". 
Leblanc is yet to comment.