Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Goat Race - Spitalfields City Farm, Easter 2016

So the goat race happened at the Spitalfields City Farm and it was all that we could have hoped for! 

2 goats, 1200 hipsters, a whole lot of fun!

Here's what we found out...

1) Cockerels can be incredibly photogenic


2) Someone is championing equal rights among goats (phew!)


3) Goat snacks are remarkably aesthetic

4) Cows will eat palm trees if allowed

5) If the job of goat-themed fun day commentator didn't exist we have no idea what this man would be doing for a living!

And now for the Shoat (young pig) Race - we were treated to the pre-goat appetiser of male pigs in drag racing one another, every bit as phenomenal as it sounds! Here's the evidence...

And finally, the day's main event; a goat representing Oxford and one representing Cambridge went head to head for the title of greatest goat - every bit as tense as the boat race which was taking place across town! It was a very close race indeed!

No animals were harmed or mistreated in any way, we were reassured that this was actually something that the goats did every day of the year regardless of whether they had spectators or not. All money raised went into the farm's fund to feed the animals.

A great afternoon of nonsense! We hope to see you there next year!

All opinions are my own